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Automatic Toilet Tissue Paper & Color Lamination Kitchen Paper Towel Manufacturing Machine

Automatic Toilet Tissue Paper & Color Lamination Kitchen Paper Towel Manufacturing Machine
1. Produce Color Lamination Gluing Kitchen Paper Towel and Toilet Paper
2. Fully Automatic Rewinding & Embossing Toilet Paper Machine with Color Lamination Gluing Unit
  • 1575B

  • MACH

  • 8441.8090

  • Rewinding Machine; Log Stacker; Band Saw

  • 1750mm

  • 4 Blades ( 115mm-230mm )

  • φ80-φ140mm

  • 180meter/min

  • PLC (Delta)

  • 380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase

  • 40-50 rolls/minute

  • Pneumatic Sharpen, grinding time can be set

Automatic Toilets Paper & Color Lamination Kitchen Paper Towel Manufacturing Machine

color gluing kitchen towel making machine
Rewinding Machine

color gluing unit of kitchen towel machine
Color Lamination Gluing Unit
color gluing kitchen towel making machine
Rewinding Unit & Tail Gluing and Trimming Unit
Finished Color Lamination Kitchen Towel


It converts the jumbo roll into small toilet rollers. The whole line work smoothly and run stable, saving the labor cost. It’s best choice for the producing toilet rollers.

Point to point embossment rollers make the kitchen towel paper ‘s pattern clear. Embossment rollers are controlled by pneumatic cylinders.
Unique design glue lamination device, can dip the color glue onto the paper, make the finished paper delicate and classy, and meet different demands of clients. Embossment roller is controlled by the Hydraulic motor; you can adjust the embossment roller and glue rollers easily in the PLC.
High-precision with four spiral punching knife roller is efficient and with low noise.
Unique suede belt driving system, with low noise, easy to adjust and finished log tension is adjustable.
Complete machine is Integral Steel wallboard structure, strong and stable, small vibration, service longer life.
Paper conveying roller is with heating system, help drying the log after lamination.


Color Lamination Gluing Kitchen Towel Rewinding Machine
Model 1575B 2200B 2500B 2800B
Max Jumbo Roll Width 1750mm 2150mm 2450mm 2850mm
Jumbo Roll Standing  1-3Standings(appointed,2Standings is normal )
Max Jumbo Roll Outer Diameter 1100mm≤(others can be ordered
Inner Diameter of Jumbo Roll φ76.2mm 3”others can be ordered
Material GSM 15~22 g/
Finished Products Diameter φ90~φ140mm
Finished Products Inner Diameter φ38~φ50mm
Perforating Distance  4blades Spiral115mmothers can be ordered
Machine Speed 0~180m/min
Control System PLC(Delta)
Embossment Roller  φ240mm for Model 1575B
Double Sets, steel to rubber, point to point embossment
Lamination Unit Has included with embossment rollers
Vacuum System 5HP Compressor min Pressure 8kg/Pa(prepared by customers)
Total Power 15KW,depends on the models
Voltage 380V 50HZ
Machine Dimension  8000x3100x2200mm (L*W*H)
Weight More than 6 T(Machine made from 40mm Wall Plank)
Color Printing Unit 1-2Colors Printing can be ordered
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