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Approximate Cost of Toilet Paper Roll Production

Views: 7185     Author: Kevin Lee     Publish Time: 2016-08-11      Origin: Site

Approximate Cost of Toilet Paper Roll Production

Most of new investors want to confirm that if their investment can make substantial profits. It is easy to know the total sales but calculating the cost will be more complicated.

According to our experience in this business, Here we 
calculate the approximate cost of toilet paper productionfor you reference. Please note that there are many kinds of toilet jumbo roll with different quality and different price, the cost maybe different for different country. Here we just give a computing method. the DataSource is Chinese market.

Cost list of 1 ton toilet paper production:
Toilet Paper Jumbo Roll:         USD1,060.00
Processing Charges:               USD30.00
Electric Charge & Maintain     USD8.00
Packing Charges:                   USD60.00
Rental Fee & Wages of Support Crew selling expenses: USD23.00
The total cost of 1 ton toilet paper production: USD1181.00
If the weight of 1 small toilet roll is 100g, the cost of each roll will be 1181÷1,000,000÷100= USD0.1181

Now you know the total sales and total cost, then you know how many profits you can get from your investment



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